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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by nick_fury, Sep 23, 2002.

  1. nick_fury

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    I've been trying to have a voice conversations with multiple people at once, but it won't let me... On the website it says that you can have up to 5 people, but it's not letting me!!!!... can anyone please help?
  2. Zooker

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    Have you been able to have voice chat with just one? I couldn't even do that because of my firewall. Not gonna give up the firewall, so I have to go without the voice chat. :)
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    Frankly I'm not too sure you can have a voice communication with more than 1 person. I know it couldn't be done with NetMeeting, and I think it can't be done with MSN. Where did you read it could be done? I know you can "invite" other / more people into a chat session, but voice?

    I'm behind a firewall too; a Linksys router, voice and cam work great! Microsoft has good documentation on what ports to open in case your interested. Maybe these links are of help.;EN-US;Q324214&

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    Willem Moolenaar
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    It's not possible to have multiple voice conversations in Messenger.
    And yes, Netmeeting will do that for you.
  5. Bman

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    i cant even send files or pictures through MSN anymore, im not likeing it that much !
  6. eNuffSaid

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    Sounds like a firewall problem to me. Do you have one installed? Try the links I posted earlier in this thread.

    By the way... you *cannot* use Netmeeting for voice conversations with Multiple people at the same time, just like with MSN.

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    Willem Moolenaar