MSN Virus

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Rod, Feb 13, 2002.

  1. Rod

    Rod OSNN Junior Addict

    Well Looks like someone figured out how to exploit the active x controls that allows web sites to identify the messenger... I'm glad I uninstalled that Mess... At this rate, it’s in pretty good competition with outlook as a propagator of hackers and crackers mayhem... LOL
  2. max

    max Guest

    You arent wrong there Rod, we all thought this was going to happen .....

    MS are going to have to act quick on this one .... no Antivirus runs on MSN messenger at present

    There must be millions infected today
  3. MdSalih

    MdSalih The Boss

    Birmingham, UK
    I got hit on 7 times... only fell for it the first time... had about 70 ppl online :-/

    didn't realises WTF was happening... got hammered afterwards when i signed back in... ppl saying wtf happened, y u sent me the link for... (only newbie n00bs thoguh.. the rest of 'em undestood... or deleted me immidiate from their list :D :D :D)

    Just make sure you verify any link that u get, by msg the user did he send it for real... theres more then 1 version of it going around...

  4. efeezee

    efeezee Guest

    Is it malicious?

    Or just annoying? What does it do? just curious...
  5. Electronic Punk

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    Copenhagen, Denmark
    I didn't fall for it :p
    Think it was advertisitng, ddin't check, but you may have all been added to a mailing list along with your contacts if you fell for it!
  6. dArK_CyAnIdE

    dArK_CyAnIdE Guest

    i just got a full screen blank page lol...
  7. DrX

    DrX Guest

    If you had installed the IE patch posted on this website a few days ago, this Virus didnt work

    All my friends who hadnt installed the patch were infected and i was fine :D
  8. I was stupid and clicked the link but then got the patch. Also, this board is set up pretty good. Kudos
  9. DrX

    DrX Guest

    I wonder wether the Hack steals your contact emails ?

    A few million emails in a list would be worth a few $$$ for spammers

    There have been so many security issues i seem to be installing patches every few days lately

    Atleast they are fixing them :)