MSN Messenger vs. Windows Messenger

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by LilBlueDawg, Oct 24, 2002.

  1. LilBlueDawg

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    wut's the difference between Windows Messenger and MSN Messenger? why would they have made a messenger just for XP if it's the same as regular MSN Messenger? also will there be a Windows Messenger 5?
  2. jumpy

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    ok, i always thought they were the same thing?? :confused:
  3. chastity

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    Well MSN Messenger and the Windows Messenger are basically the same program with a different name. Well only M$ knows why they made Windows Messenger part of XP when its pretty much the same as MSN Messenger.
  4. l0g0ut

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    hmmm... if i'm not mistaken, there is a windows service called messenger. some people may refer to this as windows messenger .... go to control panel/administrative tools/services. you'll see a service called messenger...

    Transmits net send and Alerter service messages between clients and servers. This service is not related to Windows Messenger. If this service is stopped, Alerter messages will not be transmitted.
  5. chastity

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    Arizona near the Grand Canyon
    Well I know what service that is and its not if I remember right related to Windows/MSN Messenger. That service is if you are in a corporate office and the IT Department wants to let a person know about something. Its more of LAN messenger instead of WAN messenger which the one we are discussing is.
  6. jw50

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    Windows messenger is designed specifically for XP and is not the same as MSN messenger, nor is it 100% compatible with MSN messenger. You do not notice any difference if you are just sending messages but if you try to use the video (webcam) feature of Windows messenger you will find that you can only use it with another person that is also using Windows messenger. The video feature is not compatible with MSN messenger. There may be other features that are not compatible between the two but the video is on that I know is not compatible.
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    he's right
  8. Electronic Punk

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    I just installed MSN Messenger 5 on my dads, should confuse him when he gets back from London tonight, hhehehe.
  9. maz4ruth

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    I just installed MSN Messenger 5.

    I dont really like it...

    1) I hate the way when something pops up (i.e. someone signing in) you can't close it with the right mouse button.

    2) Another annoying thing is that when I open outlook express Windows Messenger loads up, so there's two on the system tray at once!

    I think I'll uninstall it and just stick with Windows Messanger :)
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