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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by wanman, May 2, 2002.

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    Running the latest version of MSN Messenger on XP Home. Tried connecting web cam to a relative who has latest version of Messenger on an machine running ME and messenger will not allow video coneferance connection advising that other user is not on XP.

    Is anyone else having this problem? I can connect ok to a friend who is also running XP but no-one who is running anything else.

    Is there anything I could change? I notice that netmeeting is hidden on XP aswell but this also cannot connect to non XP machines. V. Strange.

    Any help will be much appreciated.


  2. Khayman

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    I think this is a "feature" because the XP MSN is a different beast to the others, so I don't think it is possible to do anything but chat. I had the same probalem a while ago, when trying to file share on it. But I wil look around anyhow
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    Are either of you behind a firewall (software or hardware)? I have had problems in the past connecting to other users to use my webcam and IM Images (AIM) because we have both been behind a firewall. I have found that if only one of us is behind a firewall it works fine. However, NetMeeting works differently, and should work no matter if you are behind a firewall or not.
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    Never been able to send a file to a non-xp messenger machine...
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    As Khayman said this is essentially a design feature with windows messenger. You can only use the cam with someone else that is also using windows messenger (i.e., both of you have to be using XP). What you can do is use netmeeting to do video chat with the ME user, you will have to have the ME user initiate the netmeeting request if you want to do that through messenger.
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    Thanks for help, I will give it a try.