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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by tubbyrecords, Mar 25, 2003.

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    Just bought a new MSI Nvidia Ti4800SE 8X graphics card and completed a full install of it.My problem is now anytime i try to do sumthing even the slightest bit graphicaly enhanced (and i mean ANYTHING) like logon for instance! when i start to move the mouse the screen does nothin but flicker on and off an then it finally crashes.The only way i can stop this from happening is to turn hardware acceleration fully off but this way i cant play any games:( ive tried everything i can think of and nothin works!!! i figured that everything works fine untill i install thwe drivers for the card of the cd thats when the problems start!!

    ANY ADVICE WOULD BE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED (sorry if its sumthin simple im not very experienced wiv graphics cards)
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    What motherboard do you have?

    Do you have the latest bios updates ?

    You say you can install the card...but after the drivers from the cd are loaded it starts?

    If so try another set of drivers like the ones from Nvidia 41.09 is the last they offer .... there are other drivers that work well but are not yet offerered by Nvidia ... the 43.00 I find very good can be found in the drivers section of the forums under a different post .... << this link is for the 43.00
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    like Kermit suggested update the driver of the 3d card.I had similar problem with my ATI 9700pro it was identified at the beginning as 9700 not pro and when I installed the latest catalyst drivers the problem's gone forever :)
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    I would recommend dl'ing a WHQL driver set before installing the candidates as they have been shown to work to the levels desired by microsoft...