MSI k8t new FISR overclocking help

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by NiSMo, May 5, 2004.

  1. NiSMo

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    ok here is the deal....
    i have a
    a64 3000+
    msi k8t neo-fisr mobo (via chipset)
    1x512mb of bh-6 (kingston value ram pc2700)
    430watt antec psu

    and i am having trouble tryin 2 figure out how 2 set my ram to 1:1 wit the fsb (it gets set to default ddr333)....on my nf2 mobo this ram could do 2-2-2-11@200 easy and i just dont kno where i can make it run at that speed again...i cant find that if any1 could leed me towards it i would really appreciate it..

    thanx alot...
  2. NiSMo

    NiSMo OSNN Junior Addict

    any1 plz :(.....sazar, i would think that u kno because u have the same board...? u got any ideas?