MSI Driver Update Utility New!!!!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Lee, Apr 8, 2004.

  1. Lee

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    Could go in applications, but it's mainly for drivers, so here goes:

    MSI Liveupdate 3.58:

    I must add, I saw this at Tech mag, so thanks for them, there o.k.

    Has these features:

    BIOS/Driver/Firmware/Utility program for Windows for your MSI product. Live Monitor auto-detects and suggests the latest BIOS/Driver/Utilities.


  2. Sazar

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    thats what me and EP use to dl our bios/utils and stuff :D
  3. Ded Morozh

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    I do as well. I think I'll probably be sticking with MSi for mobo's
  4. Lee

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    Installed it, smooth it was, did scan, tried to update drivers I have latest builds and updates for.

    OK I thought, lets redownload and install them, Intel chpset utility (have latest) same latest downloded installed. OK AC97, realtek, didn't have latest, but downloded installed. OK rebooted, did a scan, still says I need these again. Checked driver versions in drivers, yep latest versions, but msi still says I need them. Maybe it will be corrected. I didn't bother with nvidia downlods it asked me to do as I already have latest versions same as what it says.

    Me the jury is still out on this one, but so far OK!
  5. Electronic Punk

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    1. Create new database for new download processes.
    2. Support Re-Connect and Resume when downloading.
    3. Display item's "Current Version" on real-time mode.
    4. Support MSI ATI VGA Card Driver.
    5. Bug Fixed: Download process stops at the same progress position everytime.
    6. Bug Fixed: "Technical Support Page" can not send mail correctly when attaching system information.
    7. AP Version: 3.58 (2004/04/08)
  6. Lee

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  7. Nice one, thanks.