MSI 5600xt 128mb... and odd problem, yet frustrating:)

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Lyleus, Aug 17, 2004.

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    Hi all! New here:) This place was recommended to me and thought I would give this place a shot to answer a question no one seems to be able to:p

    I recently bought a new computer with the following specs:

    ASROCK Mother board K7S8XE
    AMD Athlon XP 2700 w/ 333 MHZ front side Bus
    PC3200 512M Infineon DDR400
    Western Digital 120GB 7200RPM HD
    MSI FX5600XT 128mb Video Card Driver version: 61.77_2KXP
    MJ 420W Power Supply model number: LC-b450E
    +3.3/24A +5/50A +12/18A Max:230W/216W
    Windows XP (pack v.1)

    I put my old 40gb HD in it (with everything still on it, incl. WinXP) and played around with it on my old HD until I was able to format it. I didn't install any new drivers for my MSI Video card and the games worked perfectly on every one I tried out. Then, I installed windows XP on my new 120 HD, installed all the drivers for my FX5600xt card.. and the games performed VERY poorly.. choppy, crosshair lags to the extreme etc..

    I thought maybe it was a conflict between two seperate Windows XP on each HD, so I i formatted both HDs and installed windows xp again on the new 120gb HD.

    But, the games still run VERY poorly... Infact, when I played them on my old 40gb hd, the games performed atleast 10x better. I tried everything on the new HD.. changed the BIOS to 8x, installed the AGP drivers, microchip drivers, tried different video drivers from the MSI site and nvidias.. I'm very confused here. Why would it perform perfectly on my old HD and very poor on my 120gb HD. Would I have had something on my old HD that my new HD does not have? Please, any help will be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!

    BTW my old gfx card from which my old HD was using before I got this computer was a GeforceIIMX 64mb, if that helps.
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    1) updated directx?

    2) check dma modes on the hard drives, both in the bios and in windows.
  3. Lyleus

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    1) did that

    2) did that as well

    thanks though!
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    you probably have an irq conflict between the hdd controller and the video controller - but that doesnt explain why the 40gb works and the 120gb doesnt.