MSExchangeAL Error pls help...

Discussion in 'Windows Server Systems' started by o0_Enigma_0o, Aug 24, 2006.

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    Hi Guys,

    I have been watching these errors for about 3 days now..

    Everyday starting at 00:00:05 I get the first error,
    and then every 5 seconds i get another...

    this is the error..

    Source: MSExchangeAL

    Cat: Address List Synchronization

    Event ID: 8331

    Discription: The service threw an unexpected exception which was caught at f:\titanium\dsa\src\lra\abv_dg\lservagent.cpp(4511)

    I have checked the microsoft kb and it says i need to upgrade my exchange to SP1

    Is it safe just to upgrade the server?

    Many thanks

  2. kcnychief

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    Well Exchange 2003 SP1 was released back in 2004, so you should be at that level already. This particlar SP should definitely fix your problem. There used to be an individual hotfix for that error, but it has since been removed.

    Alternatively, and this is a bit aggressive, you could also go to SP2 for Exchange 2003. Last I checked, and it's been a few months, MS had not yet released an upgrade guide for that though.
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    Upgrading to SP2 is easy and not as bad as I first thought on clustered nodes. There is a great KB article on support that sums up installations of service packs and hotfixes.