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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by chaos945, Feb 23, 2003.

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    I have two mouses; I bought a new Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse to replace my aging Microsoft Optical Mouse. My old mouse was great; responsive, accurate and the extra buttons were handy as well, but it’s been having some clicking problems hence my replacing it.

    However my new mouse has a few problems. The draw rate on my old mouse was averaging around 124MHz, using it inside windows or within games was very smooth and accurate. But since switching over to the wireless mouse averaging is around 109MHz, not a significant difference I thought since my refresh rate was forced to 75Hz and my FPS in most games stays around 90FPS. Using my wireless mouse is very unresponsive and not accurate at all. I thought this was likely due to the draw rate of the mouse but I'm not so sure after seeing 109MHz, both mouses are using USB 2.0, the wireless mouse has new batteries so that’s not the reason either......

    Is there something I'm missing?

  2. mbunny

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    What you are missing is the fact that it is wireless. No matter what, waves take longer to travel through air due to resistance then it does through something like a copper wire which is quite electrically conductive.

    Even if the mouse could refresh at 200Mhz, the delay between getting from your mouse to the receiver will cause response delays between u moving ur hand and it doing it onscreen.

    Wires are needed for games, but it is not that important for normal office type application.

    In summary, wireless has delay, wires don't have that problem (its there but u don't notice it.)
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    Thats pretty crappy. Thanks for reply.
  4. Goatman

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    Not true at all!

    WHat colour is your mousing surface? I know the Logitech Wireless optical mice have problems tracking on dark surfaces, try changing the surface (also improves battery life)

    Look at a mouse like the MX700, it's wireless, and better than most wired mice for gaming, so don't generalize like that....
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    Lol, that is the biggest lie I have ever heard.

    Let me just say this, with my older M$ mouse I had a small delay in movement. Yea, it was wireless so that was expected.

    But the new wireless mouses don't have this problem. The MX700 has NO lag what so ever.

    I have the mouse and I can see no delay. I even compared it side by side with my sisters corded mouse. Both are just as responsive, though the wireless MX700 is even smoother.
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    Theres to types of wireless. RF and IR right?

    RF is the most prone to lag due to the use of sound rather light for data transfers. As science teaches us, sound travels through solids faster than air. Air is bad for sound as sound dissapates and also slows. IR, using light is less prone to lag but has the downside of requiring LOS of the receiver or else your pretty much fudged.

    Unless you have a IR mouse (which the MS isn't) you will experience laggy response. The MX700 is IR isn't it? Or is it RF? Cause i don't think an RF mouse could really do much with the lag issue.

    Did you compare your MX700 with your sisters MX500 or was it just any other optical mouse???

    Apples with Apples people.

    Don't get me wrong... the MX700 is an awesome mouse. I wish i had one but i can't justify spending that much on a mouse =P.
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    Step down before you make a bigger fool out of yourself mbunny, please. RF is sound? Wrong! RF is radio waves, electromagnetic radiation. IR is infra red light, also electromagnetic radiation. Just different wavelength. They both travel at the speed of light. And no, an IR mouse would probably have much bigger lag problems because of the short range of IR. IR has higher frequency => requires more power for the same range. Plus I believe there's a ton more interferance in the IR band than in the RF band of the mice.

    And MX700 is RF. And it's great. No lag. I don't know if it's better than the MX500.
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    Well :p

    I'll just shut up now...

    /me runs off with his tailed mouse.