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    MRDP - Win7 enables concurrent remote sessions on Windows 7 just like MRDP - Vista did on Windows Vista.

    The current version only works on a 32 bit system.
    It's been tested on Windows 7 RC (Build 7100) but should also work fine on other builds.

    Run MRDP.exe to enable concurrent remote sessions.
    Run it again to disable concurrent remote sessions.

    The original termsrv.dll is renamed to termsrv.dll.orig in the same system32 folder.

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    i have a windows xp pc, and a Windows Vista Ultimate PC, at home. I am able to access my Vista PC from my xp PC via the internet, using remote desktop. but it allways asks me to deactivate the local session in order for me to establish my session.

    ive intalled your patch on the vista PC, in the hope that it alowed me to maintain concurrent sessions (the remote desktop one and the local one). but it still asks me to chooe between on of them?

    how can i verify if there is some change that was not correctly done by the MRDP - Vista.exe file?

    can anyone help me?

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    You have never been able to have the same account logged on in two places...i.e. local & remote .. If you want your current session to remain logged in, you need to use RDC with a second account. Although this would defeat the purpose of logging into your machine remotely to say, start a server app. Your one recourse is to simply terminate your local session, and this will leave your apps running in the background on said machine for you to be able to log in remotely. And if you log in either locally or remotely, your apps will still be running in the background.