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    I'm not sure whether this is the correct section..but anyway; can we write an mpeg to a dvdr disk into a vcd ? I've done this on a normal cdr disk but haven't tried to dvdr.Thanks
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    u want to do what????

    This is what i kinda think u said... did u want to make a DVD-R play as a VCD?

    If so thats not possible. A DVD movie however can be burnt onto the DVD-R to be played on a DVD player.

    VCD is a standard for CD's and not DVD's.... thats why DVD's were made.... for the storage of higher quality movies.
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    i would burn it to DVD-R to keep teh quality and keep it to just one disk
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    I mean writing the mpeg to a dvdr and viewed as vcd because it saves me the disk.On a vdr it would take 2 disks.Is it possible ?
  5. DVD R/RW disks are not only for movies. They can be used as you would with CD's. They are basically the same thing except that DVDs are better and has very higher capacity than CD's.

    I use my DVD R and DVD RW for data files backup.

    You can try burning your MPEG files to the DVD using the software that came with your burner.