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    wife wanted me to take some tracks off her mp3 to put as backing music onto a video disc i made of her holidays to New Zealand. The pinnacle programme I usually use will not recognise the tracks when i download them.

    When I looked at the properties of each track, it is in WMA format - any way to convert them so I can put them onto CD?
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    if you have winamp you can use it to output to mp3. Google might turn up some wma to mp3 converters too.

    Check they are not protected WMA files though - those you will have to burn as audio tracks to cd-rw and re-rip them to mp3.
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    If you have to convert them to put them on CD then your CD writing software doesn't support burning them as an audio CD. The last few versions of Nero have been able to burn WMA files as an audio CD, so either your CD writing software is out of date, or they are copy protected files. If they are copy protected files then there is little you can do (legally) if it won't allow you to burn them. If they don't have copy protection, you can try downloading something like db power amp to convert the wma files to either mp3s, or failing that, to WAV files. You should then be able to burn those to a disc no problem. Try this, search for freeware programs.
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    Use winamp or foobar2000 and use the filewriter or diskwriter outputs.