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    hi - a re-post in the hope someone can help! every now and then random mp3s on my hd become inaccessible! you cannot change their atrributes as no access is allowed to them, and they won't play (error 'file already in use'!!) also, they can't be deleted. sys retore doesn't help. i lost a load two days ago when i moved them to another folder, then moved them back to their orig folder, only to find they would no longer play! hope someone can help - this is driving me MAD!!! many thanks! mboy
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    This might help in deleting the stubborn ones:

    Deleting files - Access Denied Error

    Explorer.exe in XP has a bad habit of wanting to hang on to files, even when you have finished using them - therefore when you try to delete the file, XP will say "Access Denied".
    This error occurs more often when working with media files - mp3, avi, mpeg etc.
    Close all open applications.
    Open a command prompt and navigate to the directory with the offending files.
    Then open the Task Manager and click on the Processes tab. select "explorer.exe" under Image Name. Click "End Process".
    That will leave you with only the command prompt and the task manager running.
    Now at the Command Prompt, its time to delete the file(s). Using the DEL command. Example c:>/movies/DEL movie.avi
    Now the files are deleted, go to the task manager and click on the Applications tab. Click the "New Task" button. in the dialog, type explorer.exe and click OK.
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    thanks a lot mate - a reply at last!! just wish i knew how to get the damn things to play again! lost about 200! cheers!