[Movie Review] Scott Pilgrim V/S The World

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    The tag-lines are pretty straight-forward for the movie and I think pretty much everyone knows the basic premise as a result.

    However, do not judge this book purely by it's cover because this movie ROCKS.

    The first 4/5th's of the movie are absolutely mind-blowing (IMO) and the various gaming/pop culture/geek/nostalgic references are beyond cool. The audience (myself included) cheered every new development as Pilgrim went through his journey.

    The last 1/5th slows down and feels slightly disjointed compared to how awesome the first parts were, but still the movie is just so far beyond almost anything out there right now, I have to say this is a definite must-see. Think of it as Kick-Ass, but with wider appeal.

    The acting is decent throughout, the music rocks and the imagery is spectacularly done.

    Highly recommended.

    4.5/5 stars.