[Movie Review] Land of the Dead *SPOILERS*

Discussion in 'Entertainment & Sports' started by Sazar, Jun 26, 2005.

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    Watched this last night. For some reason I didn't think about writing a review for it till now. Go figure :dead:

    Anyways, bout the movie, don't go in expecting a classic. Romero redifined the genre several years ago with his initial entry in the field. He has done much since then but nothing really to rival what he had done back then with his Dawn of the Dead flick.

    This zombie flick has the usual suspects, cheap thrills and bad characters but unusually for the first time (in my experience) he humanizes the zombies.

    There is a zombie who somehow has started to think and learn as the dead return to the land as zombies. He learns and his experiences and the choices he makes and the way in which teh zombies overcome obstacles that many of their "alive" counter-parts set for them is quite refreshing.

    The acting is hardly top notch, Leguizamo does a good job just is sort of wasted. Asia Argento similarly. Dennis Hopper has his moments as well. Some rather funny one-liners lost in-between the un-funny stuff.

    Robert Joy is absolutely brilliant, a little repetitive but I loved his character :) Also Eugene Clark as the "head" zombie is fabulous. He has no lines, just "Grrrr, rawrrrr, grrrrrrrr !!!" :smoker:

    I don't know if this movie is good or just better than some of the other crap I have seen recently but I thought it was worthy of a decko :)

    If you like mindless fun and don't mind a little blood/gore and language, give this movie a look. Romero doesn't strike out on this endeavor.

    My rating, 3.5/5 Osnn stars.
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    Re: [Movie Review] Land of the Dead

    Saw this last night. Was thinking of creating a thread, but not much of a review type myself... I think you're better at the reviews then me :D

    Anyhow, it was OK, setting aside the people sitting behind me who had motor mouths that never ceased talking (somewhat loudly, mind you) throughout the movie...

    It did fit very much in with a zombie type movie, though it did have a few twists all it's own. I'll wait until others have seen it, before mentioning some of these twists, that could amount to spoilers...
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    The hype around Romero's return to the horror genre gave me some expectations that unfortunately weren't met. There were some creative ideas presented, but the follow-through was weak and the 2 main plotlines didn't fit well together for me. The acting was pretty shallow and there wasn't enough character development to make me care about anyone.

    All that being said, the amount of gore was pretty impressive -- quite a bit more than I remember from Dawn of the Dead and 28 Days Later. I felt like that's all that could be done well though, and overall I didn't enjoy it as much as the others.

    My advice is to rent it if you see it at all.

    2.5/5 OSNN Stars
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    agree with everything you said except I thought the gore was absolutely amazing. the effects were done very well. But as good as they were the movie still had nothing to pull you in or keep you attentive. An incredibly "blah" movie.

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    i don't even think it earned a 0.5 Tuffgong.... the movie showed really no background as to how the entire planet became zombies, except that first 30 seconds before "Today" was shown on the screen, that i didn't even pay that much attention to because it was hard to tell that the movie even started, or if it was just another preview. There was also no actual PLOT to the movie. all it seemed to be was uber zombie mayhem. I'm not a fan of horror-ish movies..... and this movie only made me jump at one tiny little part and that was only because i didn't really see it coming. Truthfully..... i'm glad i only paid $6 to see both this movie, and Fantastic 4, because if i paid any more, i'd have been heavily disappointed due to the fact that both movies basically sucked.