[Movie Review] Crash

Discussion in 'Entertainment & Sports' started by muzikool, May 22, 2005.

  1. muzikool

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    Crash is near the top when it comes to the best films I've seen so far this year. It was written and directed by Paul Haggis, who also wrote Million Dollar Baby, so at the moment I'm rather impressed with his abilities. Crash is an emotionally intense and dramatic film and neither for the weak-minded nor those seeking simple entertainment.

    The film has quite a cast: Don Cheadle, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Esposito, Ryan Phillipe, Brendan Fraser, Matt Dillon, Ludacris (yep), Tony Danza (yep, again), William Fichtner and Keith David. I felt like the performances from everyone were very real, which credits Haggis even more.

    I could say plenty more but sleepiness is clogging my train of thought... :)

    4.5/5 OSNN Stars
  2. Son Goku

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    I saw it tonight... And all I can say, to give a quick recap without revealing the details, is what a planet we live on, eh? :(
  3. muzikool

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    Yeah, you could say that.

    As for the movie though, what would you rate it?
  4. Son Goku

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    Well, it's definitely not a movie to entertain... It was, no doubt meant to be thought provacative... Rating, not sure, maybe a 3.5...

    Comming home, I was still digesting it somewhat... There are of course some aspects of the world we live in that I don't like very much...the movie no doubt set out to give somewhat of a realistic and honest depiction of those aspects...