[Movie Review] Brokeback Mountain

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    I'll get this out of the way as fast as I can.

    It's good ... Really good.

    It's not the best film of the year though. I still stand by my pick of Capote as best picture and Philip Seymour Hoffman as best actor. That being said I can get on with the review.

    Don't write this off as simply "a gay movie". If you have problems with gay people I don't think this film will change your view at all. Those of us with an open mind who see it will see a sad love story. One where nothing works out as the characters want it to, but more importantly, it CAN'T work out the way they want it.

    The movie itself is fairly slow moving, but the story will keep you involved and there are several moving scenes with characters trying so very hard to express what they feel but not knowing how. By now I'm sure most people have seen the "I wish I knew how to quit you" part in the ads and in parody, but until you see that scene in its entirety you can't imagine how moving it really is. All in all this is quiet & sad film, normally me and sad don't get along but with performances this good and a great story going along with it. I'll deal.

    4/5 OSNN Stars.