Mouse rate checker 1.1b

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Ci2e, Apr 15, 2002.

  1. Ci2e

    Ci2e XPert

    What if you don't have a PS2 mouse; I'm using USB and would like to reach 200Mhz for games :)
  2. zman

    zman Guest

    hmmm good question, i am not sure

    I will have a look around as I am buying a USB mouse this week
  3. ChAoS

    ChAoS Guest

    What's a program that can actually up the Hz of your mouse?
  4. max

    max Guest

    USB has a higher default sample rate – 125Hz

    can you adjust it in tweakUI ?
  5. ModestCargo

    ModestCargo Guest

    Jeez, I didn't even know the speed of the mouse mattered.
  6. ModestCargo

    ModestCargo Guest

    I think a USB mouse/keybord is a bad idea. It just uses up ports.
  7. Ci2e

    Ci2e XPert

    Well I have no choice... All I have are USB mouse and keyboard, but anyways; I ran the program and was getting an average sample rate of 45Hz- which is extremely low- my USB mouse doesn't have a 125Mhz refresh rate; I don't even see the option to up it in the properties manager.
  8. ChAoS

    ChAoS Guest

    My PS2 mouse is running at 80Hz
  9. max

    max Guest

    mine is at 200 now :)
  10. Hexum2600

    Hexum2600 Guest


    Ports?!? True, a USB keyboard takes up a port... but first off, don't forget that USB supports 127 devices! and a keyboard, like mine (Logitech iTouch) is a USB or PS2 (both connectors) and it has two USB ports on it... so it actually gave me an extra... and with the Intel board that i have it supports the two front end USB ports, giving me a total of 7 open, 8 total.

    USB ports are not something to worry about running out of...
  11. Sprung

    Sprung Guest

    My sentiments exactly Hexum!

    When I start bitching about using up all 127 of my USB ports...then I have a real problem :D