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    Lately I have been having some ferocious problems playing video games mainly Battlefield 1942, I didn't think I was losing it so on occasion my mouse would "Flicker" it's an optical mouse "Logitech Mouseman Wheel" It's great and had it for probably around 3-4 years now? I was just wondering if maybe it is dying on me.
    I updated the drivers for it, something I have never done before really. I haven't installed any software that may conflict with it. I am however using a USB 2.0 outlet with the mouse that is my new computer but have been using the socket problem free for over a few months now. But sometimes it blicks out longer than other times mainly noticable when gaming. slight pauses and blicks where the optical light goes out then comes back on. I also tried other sockets just to be sure. Any suggestions or hints would be greatly appreciated.
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    If you can get a hold of one (can't be too hard), switch mice with another logitech. If same problem then you can be sure it's the mouse itself causing the probs.