mouse is SCREWED

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by dArK_CyAnIdE, Dec 10, 2001.

  1. dArK_CyAnIdE

    dArK_CyAnIdE Guest

    my intelimouse explorer is F^&%$Ked ... why i dunno.. what happened i dunno either! Now it just freezes up every 30 seconds and sumtimes less =( i really dont know what to do anymore... i have the latest 1,4 drivers...

  2. Speed4Ever

    Speed4Ever Guest

    Is it plugged in the USB slot? If not, try it.

    If so, try the P/S2 port.

    Holler if it works or doesnt.
  3. Akash

    Akash OSNN Senior Addict

    had a clients computer that did that
    turned out after the format it was ok
    however... it was audiogalaxy that casued it
  4. Lactic.Acid

    Lactic.Acid Guest

    I am going to predict this an optical mouse, plugged into the USB port. I had a similar issue before under 2000 if I remember right, though it may have been XP. Anyway, after doing much research on google and usenet, the only solutions I could find was an IRQ conflict with ACPI and your USB/mouse. You can try to disable ACPI/Power Mgmt. both in your BIOS and your control panel and see if that resolves it. I ended up buying a new mouse, both because I was pissed at that happening frequently, and wireless mouses are neat-o.

    Oh, and if my assumptions are right, your mouse is USB. If it gets "lost", unplug the mouse for ~3 seconds and plug it back in. It should work again, if only for a short period.
  5. dArK_CyAnIdE

    dArK_CyAnIdE Guest

    its plugged in ps/2... wont work in usb ... not detected =(
  6. Lactic.Acid

    Lactic.Acid Guest

    Well, then either USB is diabled in BIOS or you've got a seriously messed up MOBO, which could possibly explain that whole corrupted admin account somewhere down the line, as well. (Don't see directly how, but it wouldn't surprise me...)
  7. dArK_CyAnIdE

    dArK_CyAnIdE Guest

    USB works perfect for anything except my mouse dunno why lol:confused:
  8. Weshy

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    Everything seems to point to a dodgy mouse. Have you tried using another mouse? If thatv works no probs, then it's the mouse. If it too has problems, then it is probably a conflict somewhere either in IRQ or with a program.