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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by jason2slow, Oct 20, 2003.

  1. jason2slow

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    i was just wondering is it better to use the mouse and keyboard in usb slots or the standard mouse and keyboard slots
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    optical mice are much better when used in a usb port because it allows the computer to use more images per seconds to calculate the movement. So usb all the way for optical mice.

    for a keyboard, if you have a very basic keyboard like mine (super priced at $7.50 CAD :) ) it doesn't matter, if you have some sort of fancy keyboard with fancy buttons usb is better, again because it allows more data throughput.
  3. jason2slow

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    thanks for the info
  4. GoNz0

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    remember to disable the legacy support for keyboard and mouse if using USB ;) no point having the mobo looking for both.
  5. Shamus MacNoob

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    I have both a wireless keyboard and mouse that can be used ps/2 or usb and I use them in ps/2 and they work flawless in all games and applications.

    Logitech Elite Keyboard and MX700 mouse :)
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    i haven't seen any evidence to support this. usb mice usually do 125fps once plugged in. ps/2 mice do around 60, but once you push the sample rate to 200 in control panel, you can get about 125 fps out of it too. so either once is getting more fps than the screen is showing which is all that matters.
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    I've felt difference on mouse.