motherboard wont restart

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by andre9540, Jul 19, 2003.

  1. andre9540

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    Well I have a 7nn400 pro and everything works just fine, except when a reboot is needed. the shut down process completes but the system tries to restart but nothing happenes just the power stays on and no reboot so i manually have to restart and some times when i turn it on it will restart its messed up
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    I had a similar problem with a motherboard called the K7S5A after installing SP1 on Windows XP. What fixed it is a bios update. See if there's a BIOS update available for your motherboard.
  3. andre9540

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    well the bios update went fine:) yet the problem still remains.... its like only the hdd and cdrom get the power cut off but the board is still powered on I dont know
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    The kids have an old Gateway OEM mobo (for the Athlon700 "brick") that does this too. I haven't figured it out either. It'll be interesting if someone has any answers.

    I know its not OS related: they had win2k before they had XP and it did it then too. The funny thing is it started doing that about 2 years after I had it. I've even replaced the battery for sh!ts n giggles.

    Its not hardware related either. That board used to be in my wife's case with totally different CD ROM, PS, hdd, video card, NIC, etc.
  5. andre9540

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    well it has seemed to have stopped and what i think is..... it has stopped... Thankyou Jesus and you guys too. I keep you posted if i can find out what may have casued it
    thanks again
  6. jonifen

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    my brother in law's computer did the same thing right after I built it...
    As far as I know, the problem was resolved after downloading some Windows Update files as he says it doesnt do it anymore - its still pre-SP1 as he's on 56k and I've never got chance to drop a cd off at his house with it on :p

    Perhaps its something thats fixed in an SP1 hotfix?
  7. andre9540

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    Well I think maybe not... because I downloaded every update possible and this sucks I am thinking one of two things PSU or motherboard Bios.... yet i updated bios (primary one) not yet secondary one so i will try that tonight and see what happens. then i will switch out the psu. Hopefully one of these methods will work then i can decide what i need to do. :confused: