Motherboard/BIOS question for all you Gurus

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by xsk8zerox, Mar 16, 2005.

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    Heres wierd problem thats been happening to me lately. I have been building alot of systems lately with the Asus A7N8x-VM/400 mobo using the integrated video and Corsair Value Select RAM PC2700 and Memtest passes and everything.

    So heres the problem, everytime an OpenGL application is run (ie 3d flowerbox screen saver) I see tons of artifacts across the screen and then within 5 seconds the system will blue screen.

    Origionally I had narrowed it down to the RAM, when i swapped out the memory the issue would go away sometimes. But then after a few weeks I would start getting these systems back with the same issues.

    So finally I have figured out that disabling the Option Auto Precharge (in the BIOS revision 1002 and up) will solve this problem.

    So here is my question,

    I want to know
    A) What Auto Precharge means and does to the system
    B) Are there any adverse affects from disabling this option
    and finally C) Why is this even happening in the first place

    Thank You

    ps: Hi Jewelzz
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    ASUS tech support told a buddy of mine that the Corsair RAM needs to have its voltage raised a notch. Gave him some BS about it being designed for overclocking.

    It did work. Give it a try and hope the customers never clear the CMOS.