Morpheus 1.9!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by seeme, Jun 11, 2002.

  1. seeme

    seeme Guest

    HOW can i get rid of all the ads in morpheus! they pop up, and the are BLOODY irritating!

    does anyone have a patch? or program that stops pop ups and ads and that sort of thing? i have AdShield and AdAware already running.

    oh yeah, and BTW - the new version of morpheus is available to download. at or something like that

  2. muzikool

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    I use Pop-Up Stopper Pro from PanicWare, and it is absolutely amazing. I NEVER get pop-ups anymore, so I highly recommend it.
  3. seeme

    seeme Guest

    ive just downloaded it, and unfortunately it does absolutely nothing to stop the pop ups that ovvur when morpheus is open.

    damn. anyone else have any more ideas?

    cracks? etc for morpheus?
  4. bobsmith

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  5. riscy

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    ...or modify your hosts file to block these IPs at source. There are sites with sample hosts file already done - just cut and paste and then you don't have any popup ads.

    This is basically all the popup stoppers do anyway (I think), but in the desktop environment, but then what do I know :)
  6. oerficus

    oerficus OSNN Addict

    Yep, i also strongly recommend doing that. It works like charm... :)

    Check this site out for further information on that
  7. riscy

    riscy OSNN Addict

    that's the place, Oerficus

    thx couldn't remember it :)
  8. wezman2k

    wezman2k Guest

    KazAa Lite....better than napster. although i do question myself on that
  9. UniSol

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    I use KaZaA Lite with the following host file entries !


    ##### Ad Blockz
  10. l0g0ut

    l0g0ut OSNN Addict

    more info on host file here
  11. seeme

    seeme Guest

    ive edited the hosts file and that has done a very good job so far.

    Porthos: hmm, i dont have a folder called 'adcache' in my system32 directory..any ideas?
  12. RobbieSan

    RobbieSan Guest

    remove the following files from your system32 folder: mbho.dll and

    to be 100% sure though right click on the $ icon in the system tray and get info. when I read through the file that's what it told me to do.