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    You seem to know a lot about monitors... This may seem off topic, so please accept my appologies in advance, but I have a Dell M781 CRT monitor and I
    have a hard time viewing movies due to darkness, now keep in mind I was able to use NVIDIA's color manager to make my computer more useable.
    Is there a way for me to have my monitor not too dark. Please help this is driving me nuts.:cry:


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    Does your monitor not have a brightness adjuster right on the front?
    Try using the arrows on the front of your monitor.
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    Could be a couple things. Read eevrything before trying any of them. If 4 applies don't admit it.

    1) If the monitor is old the tube may be dying. No fix for this. Brightness is the first thing to go. Mine is starting to show it's age.

    2) You have your monitor settings AFU. GO to this link and follow the instructions for setting broghtness and contrast.

    3) You can adjust the default gamma (ratio of brightness to contrast), as well as brightness and contrast, in your video card settings. I have not seen the option in the monitor controls on the front or rear panels. If the picture looks washed out after adjusting the gamma you set it too high. Right click the screen away from any icons, select properties, advanced, adapter then whatever video driver it uses (ATI, Nvidia, Intel Extreme, etc.).

    4) You are watching downloaded movie rips (shame on you). Most of these rips suck and you should not expect them to have the proper brightness, contrast or sound quality.