Monitor Off by keyboard shortcut.

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by pika`grrr, Oct 7, 2002.

  1. pika`grrr

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    I'd like to shut off the monitor with a keyboard shortcut, or at least a basic shortcut...
    Anyone can help me ? :/
  2. dont know, i dont think that it's posible. why do you need that anyway? u cant press a button on monitor?
  3. pika`grrr

    pika`grrr Guest

    This way i could program the shut down precisely. End of DVD, shut down... not 2 hours etc.
    Also, there is a degauss every time my monitor starts...
    That's annoying...
  4. DrMetallica

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    I like the deguass feature of moniters. I play with it all the time in my computer programming class.
  5. i was doing the same, got bored from it after 2 years though :)
  6. Khayman

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    There is a program called ultramon, that will let you turn of monitors with a keyboard shortcut and although it is designed for multiple monitors, some features should also work with single monitors.
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    :D lol! yep! u gotta love that degauss button in IT class! :D