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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by DJC, Dec 26, 2003.

  1. DJC

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    I have a P$ 2.4GHz laptop running XP Home, Money 2003 (ver 11) and Office 2000.

    Almost every boot and sometimes several times per reboot I get a weird action from Money and Office, mostly from Office.

    When I click on an icon on the desktop I sometimes get a window telling me that something (unspecified) is being installed. Later it asks me to put the money CDROM in the drive and then it finalises the installation. If I try to click on cancel the window disappears and then returns. if I use CRTL/ALT/Delete the same happens.

    Sometimes when I try to open Word, Excel etc I am told that the installation is not complete and I have to wait for about 30sec whiles it is finalised. (No CDROM needed here!)

    Any idea please. This thing is really bugging me.

    I have deleted and reinstalled Money and Office with no benefits. I even reformatted the drive and reinstalled everything but again with no results.

    My feelings are why me!! What have I done to Bill Gates to get persecuted so persistently.

    Many thanks.
  2. crono_logical

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    First thing I'd check is when installing the programs, I'd make sure nothing is set to "Install On First Use" or "Run from CD" or whatever other options are there, and check every single option is either set to "Installed" or "Not Available", so it shouldn't prompt for the CD for anything any longer when you try to do something related to the program.

    If it still does it, something else might be interfering with the install process or the installed files.

    I've not used Money before, so for all I know, that could the thing interfering with Office.
  3. DJC

    DJC Guest

    I have checked the installation and now everything is either not installed or is set to run from the computer. I will have to see if this improves things.
  4. DJC

    DJC Guest

    It solved nothing. Within 15 mins of re installation its back to its old tricks.
  5. dave holbon

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    What version of Windows Installer are you using? If you have Office 2000 and a later version of some shared components you need to be sure that Office 2000 is at service pack three or later level. This behaviour happens if you have incompatible versions of say Visio (2002) and office 2003 service pack one which Visio (2003) will then think is a incompatible with Visio 2003. I know this sounds like madness but I have spent may hours resolving these exact scenarios on various machines only to find that it’s a windows installer problem (started twice or even three times) and hence can’t commit it’s transactions (to install the product) or roll them back correctly when it all goes wrong. This can leave registry entries that are checked on a re-install making it look like (or worst still a pirate copy) you have multiple copies of the programme on your machine. Symantec are the worst offenders here as their uninstall programmes rarely work correctly, i.e. completely remove all aspect of their install.

    The software providers themselves sometimes provide “removal tools” via their web site. Microsoft has also now provided these tools so a look at their aspects of this element might be worth a visit.

    :mad: :) :) :)
  6. LeeJend

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    Have you installed all the Office and Windows security updates?

    Do you have an up to date antivirus installed. AVG is freeware and good if you don't.

    Download and run adaware to remove any spyware. It is also freeware.

    None of this may help but your system will appreciate being trash free.
  7. Maveric169

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    This is something that happened to me before with other software, try uninstalling the programs, remove all registry entries, and then reboot into safe mode and install from there. Sometimes there are files that are active that need updates or modifications from the install but because there running, XP won't let them be updated. (sounds stupid I know).
  8. DJC

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    I am impressed. So much info and so much to find.

    I am running Microsoft Windows XP/2002 Home (Win32 x86) 5.01.2600 (Service Pack 1) Windows update informs me that there are no updates available. My Money 2003 and Office 2000 are as installed and have not yet been updated. I will do this next.

    I will also check other suggestions further.

    many thanks
  9. rushm001

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    Try running the programs as a user with administrative priviliges (as opposed to a restricted user), sometimes the setup needs this for the settings to stick.
  10. Idle

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    i create images with ghost that have office installed on them. But what i have found out is that if you copy the CD(office CD) to your HDD then instsall the application. This will eleminate the program looking for the CD. And what happens now is when you open office(Word Excel, etc) it acts liike it installs, which it is doing. this is normal. this should be a one time thing for each user that logs in. if a differnt user logs then it will do the same process. kinda like its creating a profile.

    Another thing if this happens upon boot up, go to Start Run then tpe MSCONFIG. select the Startup Tab and deselect Microsoft Office Tool Bar and anything to do with Money application. This will keep these applications from loading at startup