Money 2002 Delux Problems

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by daleholden, Feb 9, 2002.

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    Hi all

    I have a copy of Win Money 2000 Financial Suite, and downloaded Money 2002 Delux. I found when i tried to run it it would not load my old money file. This is because my version is from the UK and Money 2002 delux is a US based programme.

    No problem until i tries to remove it through add remove programes in control panel. For some reason it will not uninstall??

    I cannot reload Money 2000 ?

    Also what ever i touch it keeps trying to install MOney 2002 even if i open Windos IE 6 it trys to install Money 2002.

    Most things i touch start of the Windows installer for Money 2002??

    When i cancel it it comes up with Error Code 1706 could not be found for product.The windows installer can not continue.

    How can i get rid of this annoying problem?

    There is nothing on the Knowledge Base i can find re this problem.

    Anybody any ideas whats going on.
  2. max

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    Is it in Add/remove programs ?

    If so remove it and re-install the original .. run a Registry cleaner and all should be ok ......

    Money programs install that much Junk its hard to get rid of them completely

    You trust Bill gates with your money ?

    Downloading and using programs to do wiuth money is a BIG worry , guys can tamper with them to send out your details to their emails and stuff, I know one release which does do that, then people dont notice that $1 just keeps dissapearing each month :)

    Always check what version you are downloading ....... saves a lot of problems :D
  3. daleholden

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    Thanks for advise worked round it slightly different installed Money 2002 again then uninstalled it and it worked fine. Then re loaded Money 2000 UK edition. THen ran reigistry cleaner

    Cheers anyway