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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by stuy_b, Jun 25, 2002.

  1. stuy_b

    stuy_b Guest

    I've just got this game, and I'm stuck on a level, can any1 advise me of the sollution?..

    Its the level, when you have to go through the town, there are snippers in various buildings, and I'm finding it impossible to complete!!
  2. niabi

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    OHH my favorite level, i can probably help you, but i am not sure how, i passed it in hard dificulty with all my matyes alive, it was hard but it was worth it!!

    drop me an email i can probably help you better.

    niabi@yahoo.youknowwhat :D

    how far are you on it?

  3. fitfella29

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    just go slow and watch out for all the nooks & crannies where the snipers lay in wait for u.

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  4. _DM_

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    Haha I beated MOHAA in 2 days. Ok that level frustraits me, go slow like peek around sides with ur snipers some are hiding up on the house roof and tress they're coumoflage so be patient. and u will go through the level:D
  5. dbacct

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    If U get too frustrated go to the web site and get the cheat code that allpws U to acess any level. It makes for a nice break when u get really frustrated with being unable to get through a level. (such as the D-day invasion beach scramble) Or go to your local chain electronic store and read the MOHAA book for whatever level U want some info on (Yea Im cheap :rolleyes: lol)