Modifying a file in XP Pro

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by bytebzoy, Jan 2, 2002.

  1. bytebzoy

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    I'm having problems modifying a file such as deleting, renaming, etc etc.. in XP. Happens only to avi files for some reason. Says another user or program might be using the file, this is total BS! I didn't even open the avi file since I installed XP. I tried going to safe mode with no luck. XP had more problems than 98SE, I think I'm going to install 98. Anyone know what the problem is? XP got way too many problems.
  2. DAZZ

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    the avi files are probly divx files...

    so u have to goto safe mode, with command promt and delete it...or rename it

    keep on pressing f8 on startup...just before windows xp starts
  3. jackfolla

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    Why does it happens with divx files? Is Xp a Palladium beta? :-(
  4. jackfolla

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    You could use Total Commander to avoid the reload in safe mode. It's a very good tool for many tasks!