MOBO temp should i worry?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Silvio, Nov 30, 2007.

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    i have this gear: ASUS a8n-vn, amd 3800+. gforce 7600 gs, 1G RAM.
    This is my problem: ASUS Probe (hardware monitor app) tells me (alarm rings) my MOBO temp goes over 45 ° Celsius when playing a game (and about 39° C when idle). Must add that this days are hot here.
    I really dont have any idea of wich should be the normal temp of the MOBO, i dont have any problem, i mean the machine works ok, no reboots, no errors, etc, only the alarm message.
    ASUS Probe is configurated by default to sound the alarm when it goes over 45° C, so, my question is: is 45° C the right max temp threshold for the MOBO, if not, wich is the max temp my MOBO can reach without having risks of "frying" it?
    Thanks! ;)
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    Whilst not obscenely high, it's a tad warmer than desired.

    Remove any dust that's built up in the case/fans if applicable.
    Check out your cooling. Case location. Fans and their location within the case. Heatsinks on bridge chips etc.

    The fact you mentioned it's hot where you are currently, suggests these temps aren't what you experience on a normal basis.
    It's probably simply the good weather you sound like you're enjoying (I'm jealous; here it's raining, and hard! :D )
    You certainly aren't gonna fry your mobo at those temps though ;)
    I'm guessing on a normal day temps are noticeably lower.
    If not, simply adding a small exhaust fan or two to the top of the rear of your case can help shift some of that hot air out if you find your cooling is inadequate.
    You should find the difference reflected in Asus Probe's readings noticeable too :)
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    I'd wouldn't be worried aslong your mobo temps remain under 60 degree's C during load and when using passive solution. My nForce 4 Sli ran like 49 degree's with asus fancy heatpipe solution but nForce's are known to be hot chips.

    Your temps like said are tad warm but nothing to worry about. If you want to do something for it, place either 80mm silent fan blowing towards it or change grease to another. I shaved off over 4 Degree's C when I changed NB's generic silicone to AS5.