MOBO settings and no KB!!!

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by EMDY, Dec 28, 2002.

  1. EMDY

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    i want to change my Mother Board settings, BUT the problem is my keyboard doesn´t get recognize while booting, so i can´t press Del key to enter can i make my KB work? i know it works, i checked with anothe KB and did the any help?
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    Check your mother board manual & see what that comes up with.
  3. yoyo

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    Do you by chance use an USB keyboard? If so have a look here .
  4. EMDY

    EMDY Guest

    no...i am not....its a PS/2 keyboard......but i don´t have a USB keyboard so i can check if it gets recognize so i can boot in to MOBO and change any setting to solve this......
  5. Tinker

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    Are you sure that the "Del" key is the correct one for entering setup?

    What mother board?

    Which BIOS?

    I use "F2" on my Intel MB, "Del" on my ASUS MB.........

  6. EMDY

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    windows can even boot....bacause the error screen doesn´t go out....and definnetly is the DEL key.....thething of the matter is that wy KB doesn´t respond to ANY how to push DEL or what ever if it doesnpt get recognized?.......BTW i´m not in the models and version thing, but i thing i´m gonna reset my MOBO via Jumper change to erase saved settings...any suggestions?
  7. Tinker

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    Make sure that the keyboard and mouse are plugged into the correct locations........
  8. EMDY

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    well, that was the first things i´ve checked......everything is connected gonna reset the MOBO settings via jumper and adjust them again to see if it recognize my KB again.....tell you later what happened