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  1. wyrlwyn

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    what is mnjunmk.exe? everyonce in a while, i'll notice 100% cpu usage with coolmon, when i come back from taking a smash...
    no one is on it, its like 2 in the morning, so i give it the three fingered sulute, and notice this program running, taking up all my extra proccesses. it seems to happen when i use either nvmax, coolmon, or motherboard monitor, but not always. its in windows/system, and i'm afraid to delete it, it sounds important, its just odd that it starts up by it self and steels cpu usage...
  2. noah472

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    Are you sure you have spelt it correctly? i cant find anything at all on this exe file... Do you have any junk mail filters or extra pop up stoppers at all? just an idea as the name would indicate that it is something to do with this kind of software. I will carry on looking and see what i can find! :)
  3. wyrlwyn

    wyrlwyn Guest

    possitive, here, look
  4. gothic

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    What does the property box say about it? (right click/properties etc.). If theres no information there try a little utility called File Monitor from:
    This will run in a window and when that file Mnjunmk.exe is being accessed / used filemon should be able to tell you what is calling it/it is calling.
    Keep us up to date, i'm very interested.
    p.s., run it thru' an antivirus test, just to be on the safe side.
  5. J0sh

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    Well, I searched my computer, Yahoo, Google, Altavista, Teoma, Cnet,, and Symantec, and there isn't a single reference to mnjunmk.exe or mnjunmk

    Still, try running a virus-scan... might be that, or else run it and see what happens.

    Also, see what that .pf looks like in notepad, or whatever the default to open it is.... that might give a clue
  6. wyrlwyn

    wyrlwyn Guest

    i took a freaking screenshot for gods sake!!!!! i wouldn't fake this, its not worth my time to make a phantom file!!
    its no biggy, if my cpu usange goes hight though, i know what it is, you think its safe to delete?
  7. J0sh

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    I believe you! its just that, like I said, several searches revealed nothing, so try what was suggested, and then let us know.
  8. Kuja

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    could very well be a trojan. Most server.exe's are around that size. 56, kb is Sub7's server.exe

    but then again, dont take my word for it, i could be wrong.

    EDIT: Run msconfig, and look at startup tab. Check if any of the options call upon that file...
  9. westy1

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    Have a look at the above link, it is a free download to check your PC for spyware, you will be amazed what it finds, and where.
    I found spyware hidden in my registry.
  10. wyrlwyn

    wyrlwyn Guest

    i checked in the proccesses tab, and it says its launched by me, not system or anything... dling antispyware thingy now...
  11. wyrlwyn

    wyrlwyn Guest

    ok, ran the ad-ware prog, found 85 targets, but this file isn't one of them.... by the way, after i find the ad files, what do i do, check them off and hit exclude?
  12. BOBbagels

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    No, check then and hit continue. You want to get rid of them, not keep em.
  13. Swi

    Swi gningnegneur

    Do you have a firewall installed? If so, make it warn you if this program try to access the INternet so this might exclude (or confirm) the trojan or spyware hypothesis