Mmmm Max Payne Rocks Also

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Bram van Eijk, Dec 25, 2001.

  1. Max Payne ... Thats the game of the year for me . Nice effects etc . :D
    RTCW was 2 short :( , the storyline and the graphics were great but to short . I Think that GTA3 is one of the best games for 2002 .


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    RTCW was too short, but Max Payne wasn't ???

  3. Syedur

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    Metal Gear Solid 2 : Sons of Liberty kiss butt...

    No offense.... just had to say something abut which should the be the best action game for the year...

    I think people fall for RockstarGamers(tm)'s trick too much... things like shooting women and jacking cop's cars (GTA3), and matrix like motion (MP), are really temprary game values... For a real gamer, what matters is... Game Play and Story lines.. and other things to look at rather than just graphics... to be honest, I will sacrifce graphics over game play sometimes. And I do own GTA3 and what I have looked so far... MP nor GTA3 can beat Metal Gear Solid 2 graphics... and GTA3 is fun alright, but I kinda got tired of jacking those stupid cops... so the replay value isn't all that there... I would like to see that game on multiplayer or even online :D

    and Final Fantasy X for all of you RPG gamers.. it just rocks...

    Anyway, my conclusion is... MGS2 rocks and best action game of the year.. and go get FFX if you like RPG...