Mirroring problem. Please help.

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by benzguy777, Feb 5, 2002.

  1. benzguy777

    benzguy777 Guest

    I have 2 identical Maxtor 60 Gigs. I tried to mirror them but never got the "mirror" clickable when I right click on the Drives in Disk Managment. It's always grayed out. Both Disks are already set to Dynamic disk, Drive 1 has all space "unallocated".

    Followed all the instructions in XP's help but still get a "grayed out" MIRROR option when I right click.

    I treid to do this in the same machine with Windows 2000 Server and everything went flawless....... I got MIRROR RAID 1 on my system with 2 Hard Drives.

    Just cant seem to do this in Windows XP Pro.
  2. relder

    relder Guest

    Are you logged on as the Administrator user or a user with adminstrative permissions?

    You've done all of the steps correctly.
  3. benzguy777

    benzguy777 Guest

    I am logged on as Administrator. Have you done this already?
  4. relder

    relder Guest

    Yes, on test machines. Also set up spanned volumes, RAID 5, striped volumes. Always worked fine.

    Never tried it on Home, only on Pro.

    Can you create simple volumes on the second drive? or a Spanned volume? This will tell us if there's a problem with FTDISK.SYS (mirror driver) or a problem with the disk itself.
  5. = Indy =

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    As I remember it, you could only use software RAID in Windows 2000 server and NOT in Win2000 pro, so I guess that the same will apply to XP Pro. You either need the new .Net Server or use some sort of hardware raid.
  6. relder

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    RAID 0,1, and 5 work fine in XP Pro and 2000 Pro as long as the disks were converted to dynamic.
  7. benzguy777

    benzguy777 Guest

    Yes I have setup Simple volumes. No preblem here. I just cannot right click "add mirror" as it is grayed out. I am using Windows Xp PRO.

    Windows help says it can be done, but I cannot do it. I amonly trying to do a "software" based raid (RAID 1). Was successfull in doing this in a Win2K Server OS using exactly the same computer.
  8. relder

    relder Guest

    Going back through my doucumentation when I was playing with this when the betas were released.

    = Indy = is correct. You CANNOT do this on XP Home or Pro machine. You CAN use the interface to connect to a remote computer to configure disks remotely. This is obviously what I tested. Sorry, I should have checked the logs first.

    Here's the supporting KB article.