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    Hello ...

    I have 2 PCs, one located in my house, and one in my office. I use Microsoft Outlook alot, to set my calendar, and most importantly my task to do. The problem is, I would like the outlook in the PC at home and at the office to be using the same data file. Right now, each PC has its own data file, so if for instance, I make a correction in the calendar for my appointments, and add task to do, while deleting those that has been completed. After that I would backup the data file to a .pst file and have it posted into my personal FTP server. Once I reach home, I would open Outlook to import the .pst file from my FTP server which I uploaded earlier from the office. The calendar looks ok, it does all the corrections accordingly, but the problem lies on the task to do. The task which I have earlier deleted due to completion remains in the outlook on the computer at home. Is there a way to syncronize all the data, so that whatever that is done from one place is fully reflected regardless of whatever information please?

    Appreciate if anyone could give their advise on this .. Thank you .. Arigato .. :rolleyes:
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