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    Hi guys ..

    I currently have Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 installed in my notebook. The problem is that when I am on the road without connected to any network, I would use the Outlook to check my schedule (calendar) and also my task and contacts info.

    Each time it is turned on, I keep getting an error message saying that Outlook is unable to reach the smtp and pop server to check and send mails when in fact I don't want it to do so.

    Is there any way to configure it so that Microsoft Outlook will only check for mails when I want it to do so and send mails only when I have composed and click on the send button?

    Thanks ..
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    I am sure that has been asked before, in last week or so, just search forums you might find answer, unless the person that knows the answer is around and can remedy it for you.
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    Ok thanks ...
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    For the first part, you need to enable working offline. usually you select this at installation time, but afterwards I think you can select it from Tools >> Options >> Mail Services and then tick "enable offline Access"

    As for sending mails etc when you want to, well you will need to be connected then, so I guess that would be covered by this change, since you would need to restart Outlook and then click on the connect dialog box at startup. (The above change should mean you are presented with option at Outlook startup and if you select Work Offline it should nto try to access your Exchange server remotely).

    Let me know is this fixes it - and rep points are always appreciate ;)
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