Microsoft convicted of software piracy

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by theone1, Aug 16, 2002.

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    Delicious irony has geek community in raptures

    Microsoft was found guilty of software piracy last year by a French court, according to facts unearthed today by the geek community.

    But the Redmond giant's conviction and three million franc (£285,000) fine somehow managed to escape the headlines. In fact, until today the only place the story has appeared is in French newspaper Le Monde Informatique.

  2. theone1

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    yeah,they probabaly wont even pay up...
  3. Ice-Box

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    Well if M$ won't pay up for their pirated software, then why should I pay for mine?

  4. theone1

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    yeah...isnt anyone going to put this on the front page??
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    It's old news
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    nice quotes in your sig, jewelzz hehe
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    Gee Catch, I had no idea you were a midget!:eek:
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    Actually, if the conversation goes on in the chatroom, I will never see it...I can't seem to get in!

    I know it is me...just haven't figured out what I am doing wrong yet...:rolleyes: