MFC component added to a Dialog Box on the fly

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    If you are familiar with Visual C++ and MFC (Microsoft Foundatioin Class) library, you know how you can create a User Interface dialog by creating a dialog box during development of the software in the .RC file.

    I am going to be trying to do something a little unusual soon. I want to have an MFC dialog box presented to the user but according to how many nodes exist in a link list (build before the dialog box is created and also while the dialog box is visible), any number of elements can be presented on the dialog box.

    This requires some thinking. In MFC, dialog boxes are created by the programmer and its details are stored in a resource file (called .RC file) before the code is created.

    On the other hand, WIN32 type programs have the ability to have dialog boxes available to the programmer at a moments whim. and the shape and content of the dialog box can be determined at run time.

    I want to merge these two abilities so that I have a "hard coded" dialog box defined in the .rc file and yet at run time, I can add something to this dialog box.

    I can see where this is going to be a challenge in the code as well as in the presentation of the dialog box.