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    okay, everytime i would log onto msn messenger it would give me a box where i could choose my user name and then i would enter my password. well i obviously did something and now it has two way to sign in. sign in under my name (without having to put in my password) or sign in as a different account. how can i change it back to where i can put in my password so other people can't get into my account? thank you in advance.
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    To stop Windows Messenger from signing you in automatically
    If you do not want to be automatically signed in when Windows Messenger starts running, you can remove your .NET Passport as the default on that computer.

    Go to User Accounts in the Windows XP Control Panel (Start, Control Panel).
    On the Advanced tab, click Manage Passwords.
    In Stored User Names and Passwords, select Passport.Net\*, and click Remove.
    This does not delete your Passport, but removes its connection with your computer.

    Click Close, and then click OK in the dialog box.

    If you click Sign me in automatically in the .NET Messenger Service sign-in dialog box, you will reestablish the Passport you use there as the default for that computer.
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    thanks, khayman! well your solution worked and i also got my messenger log on list down from eight people to three (i was wondering how one would get rid of all those extra log on names)! once again, thanks!