Messenger Block List Delete Problem

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by aceselect, Jan 13, 2002.

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    Does any one know how to remove users from the Privacy block list in Windows Messenger. I have deleted the contacts but the entriues still remain on the privacy tab, any ideas for removal gratefully received.
  2. efeezee

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    I think

    this is what you mean....

    Go to TOOLS ---> OPTIONS ---> PRIVACY Tab...

    Then highlight the blocked name on the right that you want to unblock, and click ALLOW... see the attachment if this is what you mean...

    If you mean, just clearing them out, I think you need to still set it to ALLOW, and then you may need to re-delete the contacts...

    Hope this helps...

  3. aceselect

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    Delete From Block List

    Tried that, I have allowed them, added them back to my contacts, deleted contacts again, the names still appear on the allow list, I cannot delete them from here, if you highlight one and right mouse click it, the delete option is grayed out and cannot be selected, I've even deleted messenger and re-installed the info is still in my list.
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    I think you have to look online in your mailbox anfd than choose options

    Maybe there are settings to adjust. I've looked in my own messenger and I've got it to.
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    I've looked at it. I think i have the solution. The accounts that you want to delete must remove you to if they hace done it you can delete them

    Otherwise it's (i think) not possible
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    the only way you can delete the names from the block list is when they(the other person) deleted you or put you on their block list....

    this is the only way you can delete the names...

    email them and tell them to take you off of their list so you can delet them off of your list completely :D
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    Thanks All for your help