Messenger Appears to Load twice.

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by TheBlueRaja, Aug 27, 2002.

  1. TheBlueRaja

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    Hmm, i just wanted to throw this one out there as its not a major problem as such, just something that bugs me a bit.

    When booting up XP is seems to load MSN Messenger twice in the icon tray next to the clock. At least i usually see two little green men, then one dissapears and everything is normal. On occasion but rarely, i sometimes also get the "You have X new E-mail Messages" popping up twice too.

    Anyone else noticed this?
  2. damnyank

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    I haven't seen that exact thing - but I used to have my MSN Messsenger icon appear in the tray and I usually click on it and change my status to "appear off line" - but for awhile it wouldn't do anything until after I again "opened" messenger and tried to change the status from the File drop down. After I tried that, I got the hourglass and after what seemed like a minute or so, I got a windows saying something to the effect that I could not change the status. I would close that window down, go back to my icon in the tray, open Messenger again and log on - after all this I could finally change my staus as usual. Also, I noticed that when the icon did first appear in the tray, I would not receive the new mail notifcation (even though I knew I had mail). After I did the "reopen thing" - I would get the notification.

    This all started happening after I updated messenger ( I think it was to 4.6.0082).

    Now the whole point of this info is that I finally decided to try bootvis and after using it, everything has been right as rain as far as the messenger icon, changing status and the new mail notification goes. It almost seems like bootvis put the loading in to the proper order!

    Hope it provides some insight???
  3. NetRyder

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    If you have the original Messenger and Messenger 5 beta installed on the system, both of them will load at startup.
  4. TheBlueRaja

    TheBlueRaja BR to Some

    Hey Damnyank, how ya doing - its been almost 2 days since you last helped me.. :D

    Well, i havent tried bootvis, i will give that a go i think, as for Messenger V5, i dont have that installed so its not that.
  5. MrSlinky

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    I get the same, but when I roll over one of them, it just disappears like when a program died but the tray hasn't refreshed or something. No biggie, just a little odd. Using 4.5.0082.
  6. Heeter

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    If you are running Norton Internet Security, Norton Firewall is doing that to Messenger. That is what mine is doing since NIS was installed.

  7. PC-Dude

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    Your right I had the same problem and as soon as i removed Norton it went away. :rolleyes:
  8. stuy_b

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    I had same problem with NIS and 2 messenger icons appearing, what i did was changed the settings in messenger to NOT load at startup. after a reboot everything was messenger icons at-all. so then I went back to messenger settings and re-enabled load at startup, rebooted and ever since then, (2months) its been fine, only 1 icon appearing. v4.6.082

    Ensure you have added messenger to Nortons Firewall application list too.