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    Hello everyone,

    I had a web project due in a week's time. Wondering if anyone can help me out with this, or even give me a easier alernative. I basically want to put this type of Journal (on the same button) on this webpage. I made the menu in Fireworks MX and made the website in Dreamweaver. Right now I can't just put the menu into into my website because right now I have a table for all my buttons at the top, and the pop-up menu uses tables too... and than it just gets so complicated. If someone offers a similar solution, make note, I will use the exalt same buttons that are on my pop-up menu right now, and they will have to load into frame; 'IFRAME'

    Open for any suggestions, comments or help.


  2. I am too doing web designing at college and designing my website (click my sig to see it). When you hover your mouse over the top right image. The one with the words that reflect where you are on my site, a popup comes up. I did this by using Dreamweaver MX (too).

    To get this result: Select the image and then click on Window --> Behaviors then in the Design Properites on the side of the workspace, make sure that the Behavior tab has been selected.

    Click + and then click Show Popup menu. (If you are creating a new page, to contuine, you must save your work or it won't let you.)

    Click + to add a new menu item, click - to delete menu item. Experiment with the settings avaiable in the dialog box going through all the tabs. Click OK and then test.

    This was what my supervisor taught me to do. Doesn't need tables and can be used with any images no matter where it is.

    Hope this is what you want.
  3. Where's that Edit button!

    Anyway, I've attached a screenshot of the popup setup.
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    Thanks. Worked like a charm :)

  5. You're welcome. Happy to help.
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    Hey Jason Roberts!! your site needs a title -

    untitled is kinda lame...

    everything else looks great though!!

    How many miles are on that car?
  7. Thanks for informing me about the title. I will fix it soon. Thanks for your comments on my site. :)

    As about my car, I am not sure about how many miles but i will check. I don't have the car was involved in an accident so someone is fixing the damage (the front was dented and back side damaged).

    However I do remember around 92000 km. I do a lot of driving town to town every week for college.