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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by CadMaster, Jul 24, 2002.

  1. CadMaster

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    i created a user w/ a "limited account" on the users setting under control panel...
    i log into her name and i can still see all the menu settings and have access to all the programs that were installed from the administrator account.
    i tried opening explorer and "right" clicking on a folder and/or a exe file and not sharing it...but hte button was greyed out.

    any ideas??
  2. nick1gbr

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    i'm not an expert but i have limited accounts set up on my pc, if you log into your user and go to c:\documens and settings\all users\start menu and cut and paste everything you don't want her to have access to and paste them into c:\documents and settings\your user\start menu

    you will be the only one to have them in your start menu.

    if you format to ntfs it locks other users out of your documents, start menu ect.

    also if she is knows to search for software, if you hide the folders she cannot see them as restricted accounts cannot view all files. but you can

    Hope this helps