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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Freakzilla, May 7, 2002.

  1. Freakzilla

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    I have a P4 1.8Mhz with 328MB of PC133 memory in and, to be quite frank, the performance of this system is pi$$ poor. I am led to believe that SDRAM actually "holds back" the performance of the P4 chip. So, I am thinking of a mobo/memory upgrade but am not sure what to go for. I am not knowledgeable in DDR & Rambus memory so I was wondering if anyone could advise me what mobo/memory combination would be best for my P4?
    Thanks in advance
  2. rickang

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    Im not sure for P4's systems though... but i reckon there shouldn't be much conflicts ...
    I would surely go for crucial if i was u...
  3. rickang

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    Im not sure for P4's systems though... but i reckon there shouldn't be much conflicts ...
    I would surely go for crucial DDR if i was u...
  4. stuy_b

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    Yep, trade in or burn, or do something!! with your current motherboard and RAM. Then go out and buy a nice spanky new DDR based Intel i845 motherboard, and some PC2700 DDR RAM, Crucial or Kingston RAM is best. Asus, Abit, AOpen, MSI, EPOX are all top branded motherboards.

    check out

    Njoy :D
  5. lmi91

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    rambus is faster but quite a bit more expensive, ddr is probably the best way too go, still sdram is quite a bottleneck, but it could be your hd as well, any way good luck.
  6. wyrlwyn

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    make sure you get the right kinda mobo, they've made a few diffrent types of p4s. check the pin number, and get a mobo that supports it, and i would suggest rambus ram, i believe the p4s were designed for that type. ddr is ok to, but i would us them in an amd system.
  7. dArK_CyAnIdE

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    rdram is fast its made for the p4 the architectecture of the p4 is made to acknoledge the huge badwidth the rdram has.. but if ur going to overclock i suggest you take the ddr path you not forced to buy 2 chip as with the rdram($$$) and DDR now has about the same bandwidth then the rdram.. so with ur p4 (willamette) sdram is shit with anyboard now and rdram is costly buyt worth it its good and fast but ddr ius cheap and oc very well
  8. dArK_CyAnIdE

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    btw ur pc133 runs at 100 in case you didnt know... the bus of the p4 was 100x4.. now they have 133x4 and they kick ass ... damn their expensive
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    catch23, i like that mobo;)
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    Catch23, I think dejav00 means the m/board in your signature.
    Thanks for all your help boys and girls. You have given me some good pointers and advice. All I need to do now is raise some cash!!!!! :D
  11. Waldo

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    I run an Asus P4T-E with a 1.8 P4 and an Asus P4T with a 1.3 P4, both with RDRAM, and I have had no problems. Both systems are plenty speedy for me.
  12. dijital

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    actually, a lot of DDR and RDR are the same prices right now. it all depends on the type your motherboard supports.