Memory: More or Faster?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by leedogg, May 27, 2004.

  1. leedogg

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    I've always been a little curious about this. My current situation is I have 512 of pc2700 and 2x256 pc2100.

    Would my system perform better with just the 2700 or with a full gig of the mixed? Would it be worthwhile for me to get another 512 stick of 2700?

    I have an A7N8X which is capable of a dual channel configuration.

    This question also goes for other situations as well. like pc 3500 with higher timings vs pc 3000 with lower timings/latencies.
  2. Vetrius

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    Heh same question here... which is better... 512 400mhz ram, or 256 800mhz ram?
  3. ShepsCrook

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    Ok, here's the thing. You want to get 2 of the same kinda ram in order to get the perfect setup for dual channel mode. This will improve your speed greatly.

    But that means you should get another 512MB of PC2700 but be sure you get the same brand, same setup. Hopefully nearly the same every little feature and made from the same line. It will perform better then mixed.

    As far as the 400mhz and 800mhz is concerned. I don't believe there's any TRUE 800mhz ram, you have to use 400mhz + ram in order for the 800mhz to be effective on an HT processor.
  4. dreamliner77

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    There is no reason to have identical sticks for dual channel. Two sticks that are the same size and speed with reasonable timings will do.
  5. leedogg

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    So in the meantime its better if i just use 512 of 2700?
  6. LeeJend

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    Put the 2 sticks of PC2100 in the dual ddr slots. The dual will make up for the reduced speed. Put the 512 in the last slot. I got no benchmark differences with higher speed memory. The CPU FSB is choking the memory throughput. Using the dual DDR with PC2100 and even a 400 mhz cpu fsb gives more memory bandwidth than the cpu can use.

    Try to run your fsb and memory clock synchronous if possible. You might be able to push the PC2100 to 2700 if you add wait states ( I managed it with my crucial ram). This will give you 333 FSB and RAM plus dual ddr on the first 512 megs and the extra 512 single channel for memory pigs (graphics and games).
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