Memory and CPU Cooling

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  1. Since I am about to buy on, I would like to know some things. I have a 2.4B processor along with a DFI motherboard (Intel 865 PE Chipset). Which memory would benefit me more, PC2700 or PC3200. I"ve read it is best to keep the memory speed parallel to the cpu fsb? (533mhz) I am considering getting the Geil 512 3200 Value Ram, so please steer me in the right direction. The second question is how effective Artic Silver Premium cooling is and if it is worth I will just replace the thermal pad and still have the stock heatsink/fan. Thanks all
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    might as well get the pc3200 since,
    1) it's backwards compatible (runs at pc2100 or whatever other speed),
    2) would be good for a future "C" processor and,
    3) probably doesn't cost that much more.

    might even be a good idea to price some pc3500 since it's probably not that much more either, and in case you want overclock your future "C" p4.