Medion Hotline not so hot

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by cpomd, Nov 4, 2004.

  1. cpomd

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    Any one thinking of buying a medion product beware!!
    I received a reply to a request for a Motherboard manual for MSI6399 today after requesting it on the 20th Sep.
    Their reply (Unfortunately we do not supply manuals for our Motherboards.)
    It is my experience that any reputable reseller provides a manual and that the Motherboard manufacturer should be the last port of call, unfortuneately
    even MSI do not provide a manual. This leaves me with a bad taste as my only other option is to use their Phoneline which is all Muzak and solutions to other problems before I speak to a person, also number is 08707 (Premium Rate?) Buyer Beware!!
  2. chaos945

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    I searched for a manual but this is the closest one I could find; maybe the two are close enough for this to be useful.

    Most of their other boards have PDF manuals.
  3. algrass

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    I am also totally dissatisfied with the Medion Hot Line Support, not to mention the email support which is quite useless. They work to justify their own time not to address and close customer queries.
    Over the years I bought 4 Medion PCs but since buying this last MD8800 I shall never buy Medion again. SO beware, if you need support, you are on your own!