Media player 8 and Divx codec and AVI

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by arcade27, Apr 21, 2002.

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    Okay I'm a newbie here so if this is ignorant I'm sorry. I recently got a new computer that came preloaded with XP and am trying to figure somethings out. Is there a divx codec for Media Player 8, or is there an autoupdate for codecs in general. Also why does it seem like MP8 won't recognize movie clips and AVI files. Sorry if this is in the wrong spot but this is getting frustrating to get a straight answer.
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    you need to download the divx codec manually from one of the many sites hxxp:// comes to mind.

    with regard to mp8 not recognising avi files etc, by this do you mean files done using the divx codec? that would be because the codec isn't installed.
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    That's probably it, I've been having fits the past couple of days chaning over from 98 and a PC i know to XP to on a PC i don't. My mind is just about fried. Where's the easiest place to pick up the codecs I'd need? I've looked over and whether I not looking in the right spot or I'm just mental(I'm taking choice 2)I cannot seem to find it.
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    You need the divxbundle

    once installed you get a player and divx codec. you can then manually configure wmp8 to play divx, by changing the files associated with wm8 to include divx. I fink it comes under association or summik like that in options on wmp8
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    Media Player will automatically find the codec once it is installed on ur PC,

    i just installed the Div X Player and Media Player worked from then on in with out any configurein

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    One thing that springs to mind, in MP8 does it open the AVI file and attempt to play and then end up just displaying the CD title page? Also does it say the AVI file is 12hrs long?
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    Not that I've noticed. I have had some AVI and movie clips were it will just tell me it's an invalid file without even looking for a codec or attempting to play. These files work on my old PC so I'm getting kinda pissed, ya know?
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    do a net search for codecs.. look on meiaplayer website, and any sites that have avi's etc.. the codecs are out there, I had an avi the otherday that wouldnt play in wmp8, but as I was connected to the net wmp8 automatically downloaded the codec for me :)
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    It was just a surggestion, I noticed it with the DivX's i've done, might mean there a bit crap or really good (I think the quality is near perfect!). Mine work in The Playa!

    Hope you solve it
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    Gcotterill - sorry if you misunderstood me, I wasn't talking about getting pissed at you, or anybody else here. It's just frustrating to me right now after having everything work on the old PC and swapping over and this doesn't work and that's not compatibale or needs a patch. I really just need to take a LONG break from it and then restart, ya know. All the suggestions have been helpful. What did you have in mind with your question/suggestion about not playing the AVI and it being 12 hrs long?
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    No problems mate. The best thing I can surgest is that the DivX your trying to play is a bit crap or hasn't been encoded right. Try using a proper playaer, like the playa or BS player, check out for players.

    Also did you swap your HDD striaght over from your old comp, if so then it is problerly best that you format it and indeed start again.
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    This is for the attention of ARCADE 27.
    HI you say your new so downloading all these DIVX packages will only confuse you more.
    You say you want to view these file on Media Player 8 so just install the DIVX 4.11 codec for windows media player.
    It is not the newest but i have never had it fail to play any movies i've downloaded from Morpeus or Kazaa.
    I think someone proberly did rip this codec from the complete Divx package.
    A tip for you when you install to Media Player you will then have to go to options in media player and goto file types and reselect ALL FILES and apply as some new tabs are added by the codec.
    To add to your viewing pleasure you will now be able to view these movies not just in media player but in Power DVD 4.0XP.
    You will find the codec in Kazaa just now //if not print e-mail here and i will sent you it (only 500kb)in size.


    i use wmp for all my videos unless the screen doesnt pop up... then i try using my DivX player.. and 99% of the time it works :) so download the latest divx bundle which i believe is the 5.01 version... and try using it for the videos you cannot get to play on windows media playa